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Everyone has questions! Ask us ANYTHING! We’ll have an answer! Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous, so noone will know about your hair toes, or that fungus under your cheese drawer. Send your questions via social media, or email us at submissions.ha@hotmail.com!

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Creative Writing

Scary Stories. Funny Stories. Short Stories. Long Stories. Fake Stories. Real Stories. EVERYONE GETS A STORY!

Poems, novel excerpts, choose your own path, and much more!

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We can’t promise that we’re both thinking the same thing, but were definitely thinking about something… Check out my Blog here, if you dare! It can get pretty dark and scary in here! Thoughts and stories for days!


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Rants & Roars, Play Pen, The Petting Zoo, and Relatively Random Podcasts can be found here!Looking for your weekly GAMING fix? Want to catch up on NEWS and HOT GOSSIP? We’ve got you, Fam. Never a dull moment. Always a good time.

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